Predictions for the future - and where I see current tech going and where it is today 3/3/2019
Open your mind - these are just possibilities it is highly likely I haven't even thought of what is really going to happen... truly we live in an exponentially changing world and society.

Intelligence - Data
Tools that augment individual capabilities and or gather data about us as we live  

Portable Voice Translator - Video
Augmented Reality - HoloLens 2.0  Video
Medical Research Kit - Open Source - Real time data acquisition - Video
Wearable Sensors - Ecg Monitor uploaded to Cloud - Video
Bionic Arms, Legs, etc - OpenBionics
Many... many additional inventions that gather more information about our bodies as we live.
Automated Emergency Alert - via body state - request medical assistance automatically - Fall Detection for older people - temperature alerts - etc.
My personal physician - an application - connected to wearable devices - prognosis and treatment - connects to all medical records, personal genetic data, caloric monitoring

The smartphone as we know it will cease to exist with intelligence being added to even the clothing we wear, and perhaps unobtrusive devices not even noticed (glasses, small watch, rings etc.)
Intelligence being added to many if not all devices in home - local WiFi for collection and aggregation of data - doors, TV, fridge, lights, cameras, etc. all controlled through voice activation - connected to cloud with data storage for analysis and monitoring. (Smart homes default - not a thing - just the standard) 6 trends to consider

Eventually - augmented reality through adaptive biology - genetics manipulation, implantation, addition of new sensors to the input stream of our body. Think it... and it is. 

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Monitoring of Public Activities

Monitoring of public activities at a scale unknown today - a crime occurs - the police look back at the video take from flying drones (in air 24/7) follow the criminal to wherever he is presently - go in and arrest etc.
Drones and Smart Cities - Drones Changing Life  - Full City Monitoring Argus(Notice the date 2013) - Autonomous Aerial Surveillance
Drone based aerial automatic vehicles - 3/27/2019
Connection of this type of monitoring with personal devices allows for even greater surveillance and control - via Artificial Intelligence Monitoring

Economic impacts and how we live our lives

Auto Driving Technology - Cars will not even come with steering wheels - it will be illegal to drive a car Navya

Personal Protection gear needed outdoors in many large cities - for air filtration and perhaps pollution protection. Beijing
Solar Energy - becoming a dominant player in energy production - Tesla Solar Roof Tiles
New Energy development - close to release - zero point, or similar.
New Battery technology - PCFC Batteries

Global Unique Identity for each person in the world - ID2020 - Digital Identity Summit

Artificial Intelligence and automated computing eliminate most jobs.
Massive loss of jobs in economy through automation and robotics - cause introduction of National basic income to save economy from destruction. Digital Trends Fortune VoaNews The Guardian Forbes Living Wage
The rising generation asks parents - you really had a job and had to go to work... your kidding right? The Brookings Institute The World Economic Forum The Guardian
Automated systems do better at most jobs than humans either through augmentation or direct replacement.
Paralegals, Lawyers, Doctors, Surgeons, Truck Drivers, Farmer laborers, Taxi cab drivers, Secretaries, Stock Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Construction Workers, Manufacturing, etc. The data is readily available, and analyzed better and faster than any human mind has the capability to do so - the job is eliminated.

Data is the resource of interest and how money is made - the more data you have the more powerful the country. Resources, commodities are created without human intervention - prices drop to extremely low.
Either Climatic collapse - or new technologies created to eliminate pollution. Nano technologies for pollution removal, genetic technologies for water cleanup. Nano technologies for clean water generation etc.
All houses are self sufficient for electrical generation/storage - through new technology battery tech, new source of energy etc.

Robotic generation of Food/Products common place - robots create factories that create robots, that create products etc. Price of resources dramatically drop.

Religious/Political Implications

Polarization against traditional religion: 
Persecution against belief in God
Washington state Legislature Salt Lake City Politics Religious Leaders speak out against Nones The religious unaffiliated - stand 
Churches continue to see many individuals loosing faith in God

Abortion is legalized - Supreme Court denies - riots occur.
Population control in third world countries implemented via Living Wage, and Economic incentives
Political unrest - associated with polarization of special interest groups - additional deadlock of existing parties. 

Democratic/Republican re-alignment - possibly a new party emerges...
Political scene is nothing like we are today... massive social upheaval.

Change exponentially accelerating faster than politicians can even understand, and the system can even regulate.

Affects on our Bodies and animals/plants

Crispr Cas9 - eradication of multiple diseases - genetic manipulation of animals/plants/pets for specific features
Lions that eat grass, re-introduction of Mammoth to the world, etc.
Gene Drive based genetic manipulation of a whole species - i.e. the eradication of malaria through mosquito adjustment
Sometime in the near future - a disease that is contagious, and immune to antibiotics.
Obesity is eliminated - through genetic manipulation, biome adjustment, and diet.

Human Genetic Manipulation - for disease treatment on existing adults.

Computing power and devices

Quantum computing - with speeds of 1-10 orders of magnitude increased computing. Where are we with computing power.
Initial development of quantum computing - breaks https protocol encryption - confidentiality via conventional means ruined
Security and Encryption - based upon entanglement cryptography - all other methods are eliminated
Artificial Intelligence Increases and Power - sentient robot developed
Legal implications of sentience - and robotics become major issue
Sentience is defined as the ability to have be an agent, predictively select choice, have memory , and turing test success , and some currently undefined tests.
Computers no longer exist - all devices are intelligent by design - connected - and interfaced together - via voice or internal network implants

Affects on the Planet and Eco System

Initial Colony on Mars - SpaceX - Recycled Rocket - Recycling the Rocket allows massive amounts of income generating events to pay for next steps
Roadmap Plan
2019 - initial creation of Mars-Bound Sharship with testing of heat shield
2020 - Booster testing
2023 - Initial manned launch to mars